4/24/17 - James – We stayed in a hotel in Hot Springs AR with your mattress.  Where can we buy one??

4/1/1- Stormy - My friend bought a sleeptronic mattress in a box and I love it. Where can I buy one?

3/5/17 - Asia - Hello! My husband and I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Albuquerque and slept on one of your beds. We got great sleep, and are wondering about pirchasing babes for our home.

2/21/17- Jimmy  - I recently stayed at a family member house and loved the mattress.

1/30/17- Rick - I have a queen mattress and would like to buy a king.

1/16/17 - Shanna - I bought a Twilight Dreams mattress set years ago and am needing a new one. Absolutely love this mattress and would like to have the same kind.

10/27/16 - Farah – I absolutely, completely utterly LOVE our bed!  IT feels like the mattress hugs you and it’s unbelievably comfortable.  Now only if my 8 month old kid would ever let me sleep in it lol J

10/2/16 - Debbie - We slept on one of the dream dynamics sleeptronic king sized mattresses in a cabin we rented and have never been more comfortable!

9/7/16 - Jeanette - I have the best mattress it is made by Sleeptronic- (Twilight Dreams). Today what would I select to replace the one I have?

8/8/16 - Robert – Bought a Sleeptronic set 4 years ago in Stuttgart, Arkansas and looking for a retail shop in Arkansas to purchase another set.

7/31/16 - Jon – We just returned from vacation and the place we stayed had your mattress.  Best sleep we have had in years! 

5/31/16 - Dan  - We love our Dream Dynamics Sleep Sensation Sleeptronic queen size bed and want to purchase another one. Where can we purchase another one

5/26/16 - I own a Queen Size Chiro Indulgence Mattress. I love it!!! I have a brand new California King Cherry Wood bed and need a California King Mattress. Thank you! Yvonne

5/24/16 - Andrew - Really enjoyed the Guest-o-pedic mattress the HIE Dallas Galleria and would like to purchase one for my home.

5/11/16 - Rick - What is the cost of a double sided mattress? We currently have a queen size and just love it. Best sleep we have ever had. Just want to purchase a king. Looking forward to hearing from you.

5-9-16 - Rodney - I stayed at a best western in Texas and slept on a Guest-o-pedic 2 B posture Beauty. where can I buy a king size mattress at. I had the best nights sleep in a long time.

5-4-16 - Carol - We stayed at the Hilton express in Burleson over Christmas, room 330 and my husband had 5 great nights sleep. I've spoken to them and they tell me you are their supplier. Could you tell me which mattress he would have slept on and do you have stockists in Florida. We visit Fort Worth regularly as our grandkids are there so could always visit your showroom. Would be very grateful for your assistance. Thanks

3-28-16 - Kelly - We owned one of these beds years ago. Best mattress we ever had! We're in southwest mississippi now. Do you have any dealers here or a way to let us buy direct?  Thanks!

1-24-16 - Lauri – I slept on one of your beds at a vacation rental and loved it!  I live near Houston, TX.  Where is the closest retailer for me?

1-4-16 - Sarah - Where can I go for a retailer?  My daughter has a twin and I love when I visit her, and I want to try out and likely buy a queen size.  Thanks!

9-23-15 - Michelle – I have a Chiro Conform Visco Elastic Memory Foam Sleeptronic and it is the best mattress.  I love it but it is a twin and I need a queen.  Where can I get one?9-7-15 - Yvonne - I have a Sleeptronic Chiro Indulgence Mattress & I LOVE IT!  Thank you for such an amazing product!

5-5-15 - Andy – We purchased a Sleeptronic Queen Size Sleep Sensation.  We would like to buy a comparable bed in king size.  We love the queen, but would like a bigger bed. 3-25-15 - Elizabeth – My mom has you Royal Dreams Firm Mattress.  I slept on it and loved it!  PA.  Thank You!

12-4-15 - Mohamad – My brother moved to Dallas, TX and is trying to find a retail store.  I have been sleeping on your mattress for 12 years, and it is still band new J  great product!  TX!