Throughout the many pages that describe the unique, innovative, and durable collections manufactured by Sleeptronic you will often find a comfort designator after the name of specific models.  You will likely encounter terms both in these pages and when shopping online or in stores like “Ultra-Plush” and “Extra-Firm”, and nearly every comfort designation in between. These are meant as a general indication of the firmness or softness of a specific model. It is a well-known fact that one person’s “firm” can be another person’s “medium.” Some consumers find it nearly impossible to find a mattress that is either “soft enough” or “hard enough” - and these shoppers may not find that mattress on these pages or from one of our retailers.

Sleeptronic encourages all consumers to sample a variety of sets from a number of manufacturers before making their purchase. Compare the quality, apparent value, features & benefits, and price of the sets you like most. We’re confident that when comparing apples to apples, a set manufactured by Sleeptronic will be your final choice. Sleeptronic does not recommend selecting a mattress and box spring based solely on the information provided on this website.

When selecting a set at an Authorized Sleeptronic Retailer, it is important that all of the people that will be using the set, try-out the set, prior to making a purchase. Don’t be shy! Lie down together, toss and turn, and try a variety of body positions. Lie on your back and on your side, even on your stomach if that’s how you sleep.

Sleeptronic encourages you to spend some time and to not rush through the selection process. A salesperson that pressures you to make a decision quickly probably does not have your best interests at heart. We suggest that you purchase both from a salesperson who is knowledgeable and from a retailer that you trust. Spending 10 minutes or more laying on a mattress will really provide a sense of how your body assesses the level of comfort that the set provides. Remember – the way your body feels when laying on the set is more important than any comfort label that Sleeptronic or our Authorized Retailer can apply.

When comparing features and benefits, consider coil count and the numbers and types of layers of upholstery when making your decision. All of these have a major impact on the immediate and long terms comfort of your set. Likewise, the type of box sold with your set will have a substantial impact on both the comfort and durability of your set.

Finally, it is important to remember that its best to test the same size of mattress that you intend to purchase. Often, a twin or full on the same model will be slightly firmer than the queen size. This effect is caused by the proximity of the border rod and edge supports, should the set you are considering include these components. Additionally, after your sets arrives at home, it is also important to remember that the set will “soften” somewhat over time. It is rare that a set that is 5 years old will feel the same as and identical, newly purchased model. Both single and double sided sets will experience a break-in period during the first 90 days of use. This is normal and is not a defect in your set. The set will continue to break-in to a lesser degree over the following 9 months, as the set is turned or turned & flipped.